The Quiet Man Tour - Private Guided Self Drive Tours

Private Guided Self Drive tours of The Quiet Man film locations (The Quiet Man Tour) are a real treat for Quiet Man fans. Our guide will meet you at The Quiet Man Museum and join you in your own vehicle to guide you to the various movie locations. The tours vary in length from 90 minutes upwards depending on how many locations are visited. There are various tour options set out below. Visit the locations and enjoy the reminiscing tour taken by Maureen O’Hara on the 60th anniversary of the making of the movie. Hear what the film stars were like; how the stars interacted with the locals; what the stars and their families said on their return visits to Cong; and hear what happened when Hollywood took over the village of Cong in 1951. Experience White O’Morn’ cottage with Mary Kate’s dowry; dressing up in the film costumes for photos; and reading newspaper articles from the time the film was being made.


Visit The Quiet Man Museum which was visited by John Wayne’s four daughter’s Melinda, Toni, Marissa & Aissa Wayne, and where John Wayne’s widow, Josephine, wrote in the visitor book: “Duke would have loved this!”


To book any of these tours email us at: [email protected] If you do not have your own vehicle we may be able to arrange a vehicle and driver for you at an extra cost to the prices detailed below. Please email us your request and we will come back to you with a quote for the vehicle and driver.

Option A


The Quiet Man Tour - Private Guided Self Drive tour of all the locations in Cong village and the Ashford Castle Estate, including entry to The Quiet Man Museum. This tour features:

  • Scene where Sean first meets Mary Kate while herding sheep
  • Pat Cohan’s Bar
  • Dying man’s house
  • Reverend Playfair’s house
  • Squire Danaher’s house
  • Fishing scenes
  • Courting scenes
  • River fight scenes and hayfield fight scenes
  • Patty Fingers in the Holy Water scene
  • Hats in the air scene
  • Innisfree
  • Castletown
  • Location of the Widow Tillane’s house


The tour includes entry to The Quiet Man Museum and lasts approximately 90 minutes and cost €75 per person.

Absolutely loved it!

I absolutely loved the tour! Lisa was so full of information and would use the lines from each part when we arrived at each location, which made it possible to almost relive each scene. She was more than willing to let us get out and take pictures at each location and even made a pit stop for us during the tour! What was really exciting was that Lisa would share little tidbits of history about the behind the scenes making of the movie. She had many to share with us during the tour which added to the whole experience! I would definitely suggest this tour to anyone who loves this movie and to those who may not even be familiar with it! It was a great informative tour with historical information and all the fun facts that accompany the fascination of this great film

- Tracey Mathis, USA

A day to treasure!

Today was one of those days I know I will treasure in memory for the rest of my life. I grew up watching The Quiet Man with my father (his favourite film and mine). It has been my dream for many years to come to Cong in Ireland to visit some of my much loved film locations. My friend and I booked a full day tour with Lisa Collins of The Quiet Man film locations tours. Lisa's depth of knowledge about the history of the making of the film and her family and community connections transported us back into 1951 with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. It wasn't just Lisa's knowledge that made this tour so unforgettable. It was her warmth, her genuine love for the film and her work, the way she related the locations with the scenes and then linked all of this back to the scrip of the film. It was magical! The tour covered scene locations at Ashford Castle and Cong village. We also travelled through Irish countryside to locations to experience The Quiet Man bridge, Castletown railway station, the beach horse race scenes and the original white o'morning cottage and bridge and stream. Thank you Lisa for this deeply special memorable experience.

- Christine Parker and Robyn McMinn, Australia

Fantastic day with our guide, Lisa!

Luckily we found the private driving tour option on the Quiet Man Museum website because it was definitely a highlight of our family trip to Ireland. My sister and I have always been fans of the movie but our knowledge is nothing in comparison to Lisa's. She took us to all the highlights that are schedule allowed and then some. She went above and beyond in taking our pictures and let us take pictures. Even standing in the rain and mud taking my picture hopping the rocks in the stream. We wish that we can recommend this tour and this tour guide even more than five stars. No one should visit Ireland without taking this tour.

- Dog_walk_12, Covington, Kentucy

Excellent Tour

We had booked a private tour of The Quiet Man film locations through Michaeleens Manor ( which is an excellent B&B) & Lisa very eloquently guided us through where the film scenes were filmed & quoted word for word various quotes from the movie @ every scene ( in fact I began to believe Lisa is a reincarnation of the script writers) this was an excellent 2 hours touring the film locations & history of Cong, 10/10 doesn't do Lisa & the tour justice, but for any Quiet Man fans this a must... Thank you very much Lisa you were wonderful, we both thoroughly enjoyed the time & your company 10/10

- Barry F

Better than we could have ever dreamed!

Our tour of The Quiet Man sites with Lisa was better than we could have ever dreamed. To walk in the footsteps of Sean and Mary Kate while listening to Lisa's stories and film quotes made the story come alive. We had time to stop and enjoy the sites and recreate some of the scenes with our photos. With Lisa's help, we could visualise the scene as it was filmed at each location. We would highly recommend this tour for anyone who loves The Quiet Man. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and her tour was the highlight of our visit.

- Curt and Rosemary Johnson (Astoria, Oregan, USA)

Option B

The Quiet Man Tour - Private Guided Self Drive tour featuring all of the locations in option A plus:


  • The original White O’Morn’ cottage
  • The Quiet Man Bridge


This tour lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours and costs €150 per person.

Option C

The Quiet Man Tour - Private Guided Self Drive tour featuring all of the locations in options A & B plus:


  • The horse race scene


This tour lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours and costs €200 per person.

Option D

The Quiet Man Tour - Private Guided Self Drive tour featuring all of the locations in options A & B plus:


  • The Castletown train station
  • The thunder and lightning courting scene


This tour lasts approximately 5 hours and costs €250 per person.


Option E

The Quiet Man Tour - A private Guided Self Drive tour featuring all of the locations in options A, B, C & D. This is a full day trip and costs €300 per person.

Please note the pricing above is based on a minimum of 2 people. Pricing for one person only is as follows: Option A – €125, Option B – €250, Option C – €350, Option D – €400, Option E – €500.

A private tour with Lisa was a great day!

My wife and I did the private all day tour, visiting the The Quiet Man Museum, all the Cong village filming locations along with the Ashford Castle filming locations, the horse race location, the Quiet Man bridge, the actual White O'Morn cottage location, and much more along with seeing quite a bit of Ireland. Lisa's Irish accent is perfect for the tour, especially when she quotes the actors in specific scenes. Brush up on your knowledge of the movie, as she full of trivia. We had a blast on the ride back to Cong answering trivia questions about The Quiet Man. I hope to return some day soon and repeat the tour. Private tour with Lisa was a great day.

- John McElyea (Texas, USA)