The Quiet Man Museum is an exact replica of the exterior of White O’Morn, the ancestral cottage bought by Sean Thornton on his return to Ireland, as the original White O’Morn cottage is unfortunately now in ruin. The Museum is also an exact replica of the White O’Morn interior, which was a Hollywood set. The Quiet Man Museum represents the first time the exterior and the interior of White O’Morn have been created in one place.

The Quiet Man Museum is open from 10am to 4pm daily from 29 March to 29 September 2024 inclusive.

Admire Mary Kate’s dowry

The Quiet Man Museum offers an on-set experience with exact replicas of all the key furnishings and artifacts from the movie including Sean Thornton’s big bed, Mary Kate’s cottage piano, china, pewter, cradle and the tandem bicycle, as well as costumes made by the same company – O’Maille’s of Galway – who made them for John Ford in 1951. Quiet Man enthusiasts (or Quiet Man Crazies as they are endearingly called locally!) can dress up in costume for photos.

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"Visiting the Museum of my Favourite Movie"

Visiting The Quiet Man Museum was a dream come true for me, my husband and my sister. We love the movie and it was wonderful to see the actual locations where it was filmed. The Museum is true to the film with original clothing worn by Maureen O'Hara as well as furniture, the famous bed that broke, the rocking chair and the piano. The bicycle built for 2 that John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara rode is propped up against a wall. There is also a gift shop upstairs with great souvenirs of the film and the main characters. A delightful young lady runs the museum and gift shop. We as Fans are thankful to the Museum and Cong for keeping this wonderful film alive.

- Diane, San Antonio, Texas

"If you loved the movie it is a must"

It was great to see some of the props from the movie The Quiet Man. The inside of the museum is set up like you were in the cottage where Shaun Thornton lived. There are a lot of newspaper articles posted around the time the movie was being filmed there.

- Bill S, New Jersey


When I walked through the door, I had to stop myself from crying. I couldn't believe how emotional I got! It was surreal to see everything as it was in the movie. From the furniture to the fire place, then to see their outfits and Newspaper clippings it was brilliant. Any fan would love this.

- Jessie, Sligo, Ireland

Learn what life was like when Hollywood invaded the sleepy Irish village of Cong

The Museum also showcases the largest collection of Irish newspaper articles from the time the movie was filmed, which were sourced through a painstaking trawl of the microfiche files in local libraries. This first hand account allows enthusiasts to read exactly what it was like when Hollywood took over the village of Cong in 1951.

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"Brings The Quiet Man to Life!"

- Christy, Gorey

"A Movie Must"

- Mekie, US

"Lights! Camera! Action!"

Who would have thought that a movie made in this quaint little town of Cong would live on in the hearts of the locals, and in the history of the area? It seems like not much has changed in Cong since "The Quiet Man" movie was made in 1951, except its celebrity and a whimsical statue depicting John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.We had a grand tour of the actual locations of various movie scenes that starred some local people, as well as the Hollywood stars - the river, the house of the dying man, Cohan's Bar and the streets where the action took place. We also saw some of the original furnishings (or reproductions?) from the movie - the bed, bicycle, half-green door - in the museum/gift shop. Our group had a chance to put on some of the period costumes and reinact parts of the movie by a guide whose enthusiasm was as vivid as his knowledge. After all, his family had taken part in the movie as extras!This was great fun to share some of Ireland's proud Hollywood history.

- Bluepointer, Ontario

"A Museum full of Memories"

This film had quite an impact on the village and the museum tells this story very well. We loved it.

- Jean, Dublin

See an original movie artefact & read about those who helped make the movie an enduring classic

The Quiet Man Museum houses the original fishing rod used by Father Lonergan in the movie when he was trying to catch the King of all Salmon, kindly donated by the family of the soundman, the late TA Carman. The Museum also houses Michaeleen Og’s horse Napoleon’s original harness and a first edition of the Maurice Walsh collection of short stories, Green Rushes, on which the screenplay for The Quiet Man was based. There is also a very fitting tribute to Dick Farrelly, the composer of The Isle of Innisfree, the movie’s theme music.

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"THE reason to visit Cong"

- Mike, South Jersey

"Essential part of visit to Cong"

- Justine, UK

"In a nutshell, brilliant. It is a must for John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara fan's and for general interest."

- Lara, Sevenoaks