Walking Tours

Award winning walking tours of The Quiet Man film locations are a must for Quiet Man film fans. The tour lasts one hour and consists of a short, easy stroll around Cong village and features all of the original movie locations filmed in the village including Innisfree, the Pat Cohan’s Bar, the Dying Man’s house, the Reverend Playfair’s House, the courting scenes, the fight scenes, the patty fingers in the Holy water scenes and The Quiet Man commemorative statute. The tour includes entrance to The Quiet Man Museum. The Tour and the Museum are suitable for wheelchair users and mobility scooters.


The walking tours depart from The Quiet Man Museum daily at 12 noon from 29 March 2024 to 29 September 2024 inclusive.

The Locations


Visit many of the key locations in and around the village of Cong including:

  • The courting scenes – “Hold onto your hats and no patty fingers if you please!”
  • The Reverend Playfair’s house where Mary Kate and Sean Thornton abandon their chaperon Michaeleen and take off on the tandem – “Can you ride a bike?”
  • The fight scenes – “Have you had enough?”….”Well give a man a hand then”
  • The Pat Cohan Bar – “Over here we pronounce it Cohan”….”A pint of the black stuff”….”Bedad Napoleon I think you have more sense than I have myself”
  • The Bishop’s visit – “Spread out and cheer like protestants!”
  • The dying man’s house – “There’s a big fight in the town”
  • The commemorative statute
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"Absolutely fantastic!"

We really enjoyed the Quiet man museum and especially the tour of the village of Cong and Quiet man movie scenes. Exceptional tour and wonderful sites. Recommend it to all!

- Dan, Virginia

"First rate"

If you like the movie, you will love the musem and the whole area. The information and material available about the film is first rate and will enhance your visit to Cong.

- John D, Birmingham

"Immersive reminiscent therapy"

If you're a fan or have seen the movie the quiet man with John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara will be spellbinded by the untouched Movie locations - really relaxing visit. "If you love the movie "The Quiet Man" you'll love the tour"

- Rick S, Colorado

The Stories


Hear what happened when Hollywood took over the village of Cong in the summer of 1951 including:

  • The struggle to get funding for the movie
  • The locals’ experience as extras, stand-ins and advisors
  • What the Film Stars and filmmakers said about their time in Ireland
  • Why Cong was chosen as the film location
  • What the actors were like in real life and how they interacted with the locals
  • Recent visits by Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne’s widow and daughters to The Quiet Man Museum
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""Good tour for "The Quiet Man" fans"

It is great to see the places and get the history of the movie through the sites. We took the guided walking tour that the museum offered and it was well worth it. It was only 4 of us and we had a personalized tour of the city and the guide told us little tidbit about the movie and the backstories behind them. Amazing.Recommend you do that.

- Deb M, Virginia

"Best tour of our trip by far"

If you are in Cong to check out the Quiet Man film location, you have to do the Museum tour. You will learn things about the filming that you will not find out on your own.

- Sam, New York

"The Movie comes to life"

We stopped here as part of our CIE tour. This was one of the highlights of our tour. The gentleman who gave the tour was lots of fun and full of surprises. If you like the movie, you will love this place. This little town is fantastic and is a must see for anyone visiting Ireland. The tour is great and a lot of fun.

- Gordon W, North Carolina

The Re-Enactments


On tour enthusiasts have the opportunity to dress up as the various characters in the movie and re-enact some of the iconic scenes much to everyone’s delight. This is one of the most fun parts of the tour and everyone leaves smiling with lots of great photos.

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For us this was a highlight! A group of seniors from Cork were also there and the guide had them in a reenacting of the Quiet Man characters that had us all in stitches!


"Well Worth A Visit!!!"

The Quiet Man Museum is something special where you can take a guided walking tour of the area and visit the sites. It is so much fun. It is well worth a visit remember to bring your camera because you never know who you will meet there!!! A great fun experience with lots of stories, laughter well worth the visit!!

- Eugene, Dungarvan, Ireland

"Take the Quiet Man tour"

We laughed continuously while the guide led us around the various spots in town that were in the film. The fun part was that various men & women from our group were cast in roles from the movie & given an idea what to say. We left that activity laughing loudly & have pictures of the funny re-enacted scenes. Try it!

- KJL, Connecticut

"A must for any fan!"

What makes this a 5 star activity is if you take the guided tour. Our guide has a family connection to the film, with both his grandfather and uncle having roles as extras, you could tell the guide has a love for his beautiful village of Cong and was willing to amuse and entertain us Quiet Man crazies with movie related trivia. His use of costumes and involving his audience really add to the fun factor of the tour.

- Martha C, Colorado